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Why Choose Us?

Greetings Everyone!

Why should you choose our Christ based t-shirt store?  Well Praise the Lord and we're glad that you've asked!

First of all, our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to comfort the anguished, to assist with educational needs, clothing needs, food shortages, emergency housing and much more.

Secondly, We are here as servants of God, helping with the basic needs of a vast array of people from all over the globe!

Thirdly, Ten percent of all our profits goes directly to the International Missions Ministry and it is by this Ministry that we help to support those in need.

Fourthly, We're humbled by the call of God and overjoyed about all of our Members, Donors, Customers, and Supporters, for going the distance of that extra mile with us through the Love and Appreciation that you've shown, and for that we are more than Grateful unto God!

Lastly, We represent the Love to Love, that we must share our Ministry's story of God's Glory with everyone, that they may assist and support our work in the Vineyard.

Heart Check! If you would love to contribute to our Charitable cause and Evangelistic works, feel free to join our Group Page(s), Share, Love, Like, to tell the people that you support us, that you trust our web presence.

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Thank You,

Lenard Hudson - Trustee

I love your christian tees, they're just wonderful!

Diana Hudson
cute wife

About Us

Lenard Hudson


Greetings Everyone!  

We are HUDSON APPAREL LLC, and we're here to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ, that those who are lost may be found, those who are in need of a Savior would accept Christ, Repent and become Born Again.  

Now that's the short about who we are, and as time goes on we shall get to know one another much greater. 

Take care, God Bless You All, and we at the HUDSON APPAREL LLC FAMILY Love All of You!



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